Capi Adjustable Helmet - Development Story

The lead up to developing Capi was 12 years (starting 2011) in the making. It started out with Human Dynamo Workshop working with Weta Digital making custom helmets for motion capture performers such as Andy Serkis for Planet of the Apes.

Andy Serkis performing as Caesar in Planet of the Apes (2011)
Those helmets developed and evolved into a repeatable process and design that we still use today. Then in 2019 we were approached by Faceware Technologies to develop and manufacture a system to replace their Mark III headcam - and we worked with them to develop the Mark IV helmet which brought the benefits of our custom made helmets to 95% of performers straight out of the box - through three shells and 9 sets of pads that enable a perfect fit.

More recently apps like Epic’s Live Link Face and Metahuman Animator for Unreal Engine have made face performance capture so much more accessible. Yet we realised, after talking with game developers, independent video production companies and film schools that for many digital animators and aspiring digital animators a dedicated helmet mounted camera (HMC) system was still out of reach.

Here was an opportunity to provide a professional level tool for independent content producers. So we decided to design a dedicated helmet mount for camera systems that incorporates all our experience in making professional performance capture equipment.

What we came up with is the Capi adjustable helmet. As a professional-grade performance capture helmet, Capi is versatile and adaptable with support for head sizes from Small to X-Large within a single helmet allowing for a comfortable and snug fit for any performer.

Lateral width and head circumference adjustments, as well as length, enables it to easily adapt to fit tall heads, small heads, long heads and round heads - allowing you to work with a wide range of performers using a single helmet.

The low-slung boom design offers stable capture and a clear line of sight for the performer. This allows for unencumbered and focused performance, helping get the best capture from every take.

The helmet is designed to be lightweight, robust and breathable - in our experience any extra weight impinges on the natural movement of the head so we have gone to lengths to keep weight down and what weight we have had to accept, we have placed low and at the back of the head.

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