• Professional-grade motion capture

    Designed and manufactured by the experienced team behind the Mocap helmets used by Weta FX and Faceware Technologies - Capi brings a professional build standard to the entire digital animation community.

    Capi supports head-mounted face performance capture, live streaming, and POV video, all with the use of an iPhone, GoPro, or RealSense camera.

  • Versatile and adaptable

    Capi supports head sizes from Small to X-Large within a single helmet allowing for a comfortable and snug fit for any performer. Lateral width and head circumference adjustments, as well as length, enables it to easily adapt to fit tall heads, small heads, long heads and round heads - allowing you to work with a wide range of performers using a single helmet.

  • Stable performance capture

    The low-slung boom design offers stability and a clear line of sight for the performer. This allows for unencumbered and focused performance, getting the best capture from every take. Our system is also silent once adjusted, ensuring that production audio can be captured in real time.

  • Crafted with precision and care

    The helmet is designed to be lightweight, stiff and breathable.

    Interchangeable, washable helmet padding also helps ensure it stays hygenic.

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